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Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

Tirumala is situated on venkatagiri and is also venkatachala or venkata hill, it is called the Seven peak, Seven hills on tirumala, Seven hill represents saptarishi these sometime even called as saptagiri and thats why lord is said saptagiri nivasa

vrushabadri :The Hill of Nandi,
Anjunandri : The Hill of Lord Hanuman
Neeladri : The Hill of Neela Devi
Garudadri : The Hill of Garuda
Seshadri :The Hill of Sesha
Naraynadri :The Hill of Vishnu
Venkatadri : The Hill of Lord Venkateshwara

Puranic literature which is composed roughly around the post Aryan and early Gupta era also mentions tirupati asthe adhi varaha sethra, purana associates the site with lord varaha asathavathra of lord vishnu, The Varaha shrine has great important in tirupati and set to be older than the main sanctum of venkateshwara.

There is also ranga mandapam which is located at left side of the temple as one entered, The Garubadriya of sanctum is where the main diety where Lord Venkateshwara Resides.The diety stands majestically in the Garubadriya directly beneath the beautiful door called the Anandha Nilaya Divya Vimana.This Exquisitely crafted diety called the Mulabaram is believed to be self-manifested. As there has been no known sculpture possessing the capability to sculpt diety so proportionately an beautifully.Further no human being is known to have placed in in the shrine.On normal days the imposing idol is being adorned by a golden crown or a keertham which has a large emerald embedded on its front like special occasions like Brahmotsavom it is adorned with a precious diamond crown worth Rs.30 crore.On his forehead the Lord has a thick double patch of upright namam drawn with refined camphor which screens his eyes.Inbetween the two white patches is the kasthuri thilagam.

His ears have a shining golden makara kundalas.The purana says that the venkatam hills is believed to be part of celestial Mount Mere bought to earth from vaigundam by garuda which is the Lords vehicle.The hills are said to be a manifestation of the aadhisesha or the cosmic serpent .The seven hills of the Thirumala are said to represent the seven hoods of aadhisesha.Many Alwars Vaishnavachariyas and Saints have praised the Thirumala hills with great devotion.Thirumalammambi a descendant of great Naradha spent his whole life serving.

Lord Balaji on these holy hills.References to the Thirumala were also found in several of the puranas.Thirumala is one of the 108 sacred shrines of the Sri Vaishnava tradition.According to the puranas Lord Vishnu stayed on the earth for sometime in the avatar of Swetha Varaham and rose out of pushkarini as Swayambhuva.His poweress Lakshmi Devi appeared in a Thirucharanur.His Swetha Varaham avataram was placed in the temple situated to the west of swami pushkarini.

There are many stories that showed the relation between Lord Venkateshwara and the seven hills.Many telegu devotional songs on Venkateshwara reflected seven hills and the holiness that this place represents.Considering the secret value of these hills the preists suggests that no unholy activities should be allowed there.Infact the Thirumala Thirupati devasthanam is uncomfortable with devotees lining up for darshan in tight and short dresses jeans and other such modern wear.Itseems the devotees it wants the devotees to wear traditional dresses sarees and chudidhars for girls and women and dhoties and simple but not fancy trousers and shirts for men .Lord Venkateshwara has so many names and devotees call him with different names.Now those who have wittnessed this miracle have now understood that Lord Venkateshwara is truly the lord of hills.

Tirumala Miracle

One Tuesday suddenly devotees saw stunning Miracle which was Never before. Tirumala Seshadri hills resembles the face of Lord Venkateshwara, It is a sight which never been produced by man. It comes of no surprise and lots of devotees rushed and witnessed this miracle.


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